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Learn to Tie, Buckle, and Zip!

Learning to tie shoes is a developmental milestone of self-care for young children. With busy parents and so many options for shoes that don't tie now available, many children are learning to tie their own shoes later and later. Give your child an early opportunity to learn this important skill with The Right Shoes for Me—a fun, interactive skill-building board book.

A new text and super cute original illustrations by Heather Brown give new life to this interactive Piggy Toes classic. It's perfect for preparing kids for preschool or daycare and gives them familiarity with all kinds of different shoes, including fluffy slippers and boots with zippers. At the end of the book readers have a chance to practice tying a shoe with the help of 4 easy-to-follow diagrams and color-coded laces.

With this book, your child will be excited to learn how to tie, zip, and buckle all of the shoes in your family's closet!

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